Jul 262011

Submarine Agogo LogoSubmarine, as the logo depicts, brings you a sexy underwater adventure.

Of course we are not talking about sweaty tough sailors in submarines, but a night filled with the company of SUPER HOT and CUTE sailor girls! As our other bars, we want to maximize your pleasure here with our special sexy sailors Go Go pole dancing along with enticing music and drinks.

The highlight of Submarine is our special Jacuzzi with sexy wet girls (didn’t expect that in a supposedly dry submarine huh?!) Our sexy sailor girls are at your ‘service’. So, ditch the land and head under to Submarine! We launch from 1900 – Late

Jul 122011

Baccara A-GoGo Bar Pattaya is arguably the most impressive club on Walkng Street.

Baccara has one of the most focused and plush bar designs in Pattaya, that is both intimate and stylish, with tiered and comfortable seating.

There are two floors, each with a different ambience. The downstairs floor has a large central stage with a quick-turnover rotation of girls and the upper floor has a more private and interactive setting.

The upper floor has a sunken dance stage with a glass floor and fireman’s pole.

It is perhaps the dominant bar of the group, with very good-looking girls. Why not explore the gallery and find out for yourself.

Baccara GoGo Bar offers great entertainment and service, with excellent dance music and reasonably priced drinks.
Baccara is located between Soi 15 and 16 in Walking Street in Pattaya.

Jul 112011

A very popular hands on Agogo just off Walking Street

As you make your way down Walking street look to the left of the Family Mart
just before Soi Diamond and you will see some of our staff who can escort you to the club
which is at the far end of the Soi past all the food stalls.
We are on the same Soi as Misty’s and Angelwitch, next door to Sakura 69
and opposite Whats Up a gogo.

Located on Soi 15, towards the end on the south side of the soi, Baby Dolls Agogo is in a prime location just off Walking Street. Aside from many popular agogos, the street has a vast selection of Thai food, and many tables for which to sit down and enjoy a meal. It’s a popular soi for Thai girls to eat, and you’ll see many of them there.

Founded in 2005, Baby Dolls Agogo has outlasted most others over the years. The secret to their success seems to be their attention to detail on various levels. Being a large agogo, there’s plenty of room to sit, stand, and walk around without bumping into other guests. The stools are padded and not in disrepair, and the couches around the exterior wall are nicely covered and comfortable. I also took notice of the cleanliness of the agogo. From the main room to the toilets (2 urinals and 2 stalls), it is well-maintained. For interior photos, please check www.babydollspattaya.com. While I posted two photos above, that area of the agogo will be renovated in the coming weeks, and when it’s completed, I’ll edit this post to include photographs of the new exterior.

Entertainment sections include a main stage with many polls for the dancers, a padded stage, on which you’ll find 2 (sometimes 3) completely naked girls doing exactly what you’d expect to each other when in a fun agogo, and a hot tub/shower area in which you’ll find more completely naked girls. In fact, it’s rare to see any of the dancers on the main stage wearing a bikini top, which is always a nice plus when in an agogo. Perhaps Lee should change the name to Boobies Galore Agogo, because that’s what you’re getting in there…lots and lots of fantastic Thai titties! With 60 girls working there, and 30 to 40 dancing nightly, you’ll find no shortage of them. Best yet, Baby Dolls Agogo is what one would call “hands on” and bananas have been known to make appearances.

The agogo opens at 8pm, a half hour earlier than many other agogos, and closes at 3am, which is a pretty standard closing time. If you get there before 10pm, you’ll enjoy Happy Hour, which includes 45 THB draft beer, 50 THB bottled beer, and 55 THB house spirits. After 10pm, you’ll pay 95 THB for non-alcoholic drinks, 65 THB draft beer, 120 THB mixed drinks, 160 THB cocktails, and full bottles ranging from 1000 for Sangsom up to 3000 THB for Remy. For those of you who like to show the women your appreciation in the form of lady drinks, those will cost you 120 THB.

Are you a fan of throwing ping pong balls? The costs for those are as follows:
25 balls = 500 THB
50 balls = 1000 THB
100 balls = 2000 THB

If taking a girl out of the bar is your thing, you’ll be happy to know the bar fine is only 500 THB if you’re lucky enough to find one of the very few girls who dance clothed. Otherwise the bar fine is 600 THB for dancers, sign girls, and waitresses, and 700 THB for showgirls/hot tub girls. For those who prefer to crawl to various agogos and bar fine late, the bar fine after 1:30am is only 300 THB…the cheapest in town! If you’re going short time, there are no short time rooms available on-site, but plenty of hotels nearby with short time rates. And finally, there’s no pay-in-advance policy in effect, and Lee assured me there never will be. How some agogos are getting away with that, I’ll never understand.

Occasionally Baby Dolls Agogo will have a promotional party, and when those take place, free food is served. They’re also available if anyone would like to celebrate their birthday, or any other special occasion. The prices for such a thing vary depending on various options, so you’ll have to check with the agogo for the rates.

Finally, black collared Baby Dolls Agogo shirts can be purchased for 350 THB and are available in sizes L, XL, and XXL.

If you’ve been to Baby Dolls Agogo, please reply to this post and let us know about your experience while in there!